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VinoTastr - The World's First Wine Taste Technology Company

The World's First Wine Taste Technology Company

From wine makers and distributors to subscription clubs and retailers, everyone wants to sell more wine.

VinoTastr is the world's first wine taste technology company that allows you to attract new customers and develop a deeper connection with existing customers.

Our entertaining, informative, and science-backed Discovery Kit reveals your customers' wine preferences, leading to greater engagement and increased sales.

This is How Science Sells Wine!

The Benefits of VinoTastr


VinoTastr reveals individual wine taste sensitivities with a fast, intuitively easy, and engaging test. The results determine one of five taste profiles and correlate to wines that match ones' preferences.


Personalized Experience


The VinoTastr Discovery Kit is a highly personal experience that reveals individual taste profiles. The results are the first step in deepening your customers' wine experience and validating their preferences.

Increase Engagement


The interactive aspect of the VinoTastr Discovery Kit is the key to capturing your customers' attention. It’s a fun and deeply engaging way to connect one-on-one and increase engagement with your wines.

Encourage Exploration


With VinoTastr, customers gain the confidence to explore wine from a point of knowledge that opens the doors of discovery to new styles and varietals.


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Our Story

Our story started more than a decade ago with medical research related to taste receptors' influence on innate immunity against upper respiratory diseases. Our team's scientific research has led to discoveries that could change the world through more effective treatments in the future.

Our scientific research involves measuring the expression of human taste receptors to determine subtle differences in taste perception.

One day, our team, all somewhat wine-curious, had a realization: "What if these individual taste perceptions were responsible for the difference in wine preferences?"

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