Everyone should enjoy the wines they drink!

Your natural ability to perceive certain wine flavors influences your wine preferences. 

How it

The World’s First

Wine Taste Technology




VinoTastr offers game changing taste science that can help you increase sales, boost wine club retention, and enhance the customer experience.

Within minutes of testing your customer, VinoTastr identifies one of five unique profiles in a fun and engaging way.


Sweet Avenger

Savory Crusader

Body Advocate

Balance Ambassador

Tannin Champion


Backed by a decade of scientific taste receptor research, VinoTastr measures the current expression of your individual taste receptors and subtle differences in your specific perception of various tastes.


With four specific taste testing strips and a proprietary scoring algorithm, VinoTastr reveals your individual wine taste sensitivities which influence your unique preferences.


Which VinoTastr™ Profile are you?

Based on research as seen in:

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