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Simplify Your Wine Choice

At VinoTastr we believe that it should be easier for everyone to find wines they will enjoy.

We have merged decades of taste science research with the latest technology to develop an intuitive and entertaining discovery kit designed to help people discover wines they will love. 

The VinoTastr discovery kit contains four distinct taste strips that assess your individual taste sensitivities to identify your VinoTastr Profile, revealing your natural ability to perceive flavors that influence your preferences in wine selection. 

Experience VinoTastr today and explore the world of wine with confidence. Share and compare your personal VinoTastr Profile with friends and celebrate the diversity of your palates.

Our VinoTastr Profiles

The VinoTastr Discovery Kit reveals one of five illuminating profiles based on our sip science.

Sweet Avenger

"La Dolce


Savory Crusader

"I contain


Body Advocate

"Great shape

and fine form."

Balance Ambassador

"Carpe vino.

Seize the wine."

Tannin Champion

"Turn it up

to 11!"

What's your Profile?
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