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How Taste Science Can Help You Sell More Wine


VinoTastr simplifies the process of selecting and buying wine, making it easier than ever for people to discover great wines and get more enjoyment out of the total wine experience.


We use taste science to help people find the wines they're more likely to enjoy. Based on a decade of taste receptor research, we've developed an entertaining, ground-breaking VinoTastr Discovery Kit that reveals individual wine preferences.

The VinoTastr Discovery Kit contains 4 distinct taste strips packaged with easy-to-follow instructions for use. After using the kit, your customers will gain specific insights into how they taste wine, and what wines to buy from you!

Our VinoTastr Profiles

The VinoTastr Discovery Kit reveals one of five illuminating profiles based on our sip science.

Sweet Avenger

"La Dolce


Savory Crusader

"I contain


Body Advocate

"Great shape

and fine form."

Balance Ambassador

"Carpe vino.

Seize the wine."

Tannin Champion

"Turn it up

to 11!"

What's your Profile?

Partner with VinoTastr to Increase Sales and Expand Market Research


We work with you to develop a taste discovery experience that deepens customer engagement, builds upon relationships, and integrates seamlessly with your brand.


VinoTastr Discovery Kits provide your customers with a fun, interactive way to determine their VinoTastr Profile. The five profiles are correlated to the wines in your portfolio that best suit their individual tastes. It’s a highly personal way to increase sales and build brand loyalty across a diversity of palates.

Ready to partner with us?

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