Tastr LLC Trademark Protection Policy

Last updated: May 31, 2023

TASTR LLC, with its headquarters in Texas, United States, and its subsidiaries (jointly referred to as “Tastr”) are the owners, inter alia, of at least the following protected trademarks: “Tastr”, “VinoTastr”, “The Science Behind Your Sip”, “How Science Sells Wine”, “Sweet Avenger”, “Savory Crusader”, “Body Advocate”, “Balance Ambassador”, “Tannin Champion”, “The World’s First Wine Taste Technology Company”, the VinoTastr corkscrew design (and further combinations thereof), for its respective goods and services. Additional trademark assets may come into existence from time to time. All trademarks owned by Tastr are referenced, collectively, as the “Protected Trademarks”.

Tastr protects and defends the Protected Trademarks rigorously. Tastr will only tolerate the use of its Protected Trademarks within the scope of the law, as contractually agreed upon or otherwise in accordance with this Tastr LLC Trademark Protection Policy (this “Policy”). Tastr reserves the right, at the sole discretion of Tastr, to contractually agree with an authorized person (e.g. dealers, resellers, or other third parties) under more specific, more extensive, or different provisions than provided in this Policy.

Use of Protected Trademarks, Images, Texts and Other Content

Tastr’s Protected Trademarks may be used in advertisements, search engines, or social media only within the scope of permitted third-party use under this Policy and in accordance with the guidelines of the respective intermediaries.

Tastr does not permit the use of its Protected Trademarks as part of a domain (e.g. www.Tastrshop.com) or in an IP address in order to name sub-pages (e.g. www.domain.com/Tastr) unless otherwise expressly agreed by Tastr in writing in advance.

In the event of an unauthorized registration of a domain with Tastr’s Protected Trademarks, third parties are required to link their previous website to an alternative domain in accordance with clause 1.2 and to transfer the unauthorized registered domain to Tastr immediately. In order to initiate the transfer, please contact Tastr at support@vinotastr.com in order to commence the appropriate steps.

If a third party wishes to reference Tastr on its own website, it may use only those Protected Trademarks that Tastr both:

  • expressly designates and
  • specifically makes available for licensed use by third parties (a “Designated Protected Trademark”).

A Designated Protected Trademark is made available to a third parties for licensed use by either of two actions:

  • Tastr providing the Designated Protected Trademark directly to the third party, or
  • Tastr posting the Designated Protected Trademark publicly on its website(s) with a specific statement identifying the same as available for licensed use by qualified third parties.

The third party must:

  • (1) place the Designated Protected Trademark in the body of the third party’s own website, and not in either the header or footer of the website;
  • (2) identify Tastr as the owner of the designated Protected Trademarks; and
  • (3) provide a hyperlink to Tastr’s website, contemporaneously with each instance of using Tastr’s Designated Protected Trademark.

Such identification of Tastr as owner of the Designated Protected Trademark(s) thus displayed by the third party must be displayed in a font of reasonable size and that is reasonably noticeable. Third parties may in no circumstance hold any Protected Trademarks out as their own.

Modification is Prohibited. The Protected Trademarks may not be modified in any way by any third party.

Tastr’s Protected Trademarks may in no circumstances be used on third-party websites in such a way that a potential customer of the third party or Tastr may be confused regarding the source of goods or services, or develop the misleading impression, regarding whether the third-party website is operated by Tastr. This must be ensured by using appropriate design, attribution, and labelling on third-party websites. In particular, the placement of a Tastr Designated Protected Trademark in the header or footer of a website is expressly prohibited.

The design and content of websites and social media properties operated by Tastr or its affiliated companies are protected by copyright law. The copyright-protected design and content, in particular, includes product imagery, descriptions of products, artwork, graphic designs, texts, and other content included on Tastr websites. Accordingly, adopting, editing, or otherwise using any copyright-protected designs and content without advance written permission from Tastr is prohibited.

Product Modification and Warranty

Third parties may not modify or customize any Protected Trademarks, Tastr products, platforms, or services in any manner whatsoever, unless expressly approved by Tastr in advance in writing. This prohibition does not apply to authorized parties with whom an arrangement for product modification for the purpose of customization in compliance with mandatory requirements has been contractually agreed.

Tastr reserves the right to refuse any guarantees or warranties for any modified products. The authorized persons must expressly make end buyers aware of this fact.

Tastr further reserves the right to have recourse against and be indemnified by the responsible persons in the event of claims for damages due to modified products.

This Policy takes effect on February 15, 2023. This Policy may be supplemented or modified by Tastr at any time without notice to third parties. All modifications and supplements are at the sole discretion of Tastr. Additional conditions/policies may apply in certain countries and/or for certain Tastr product categories.

For answers to any questions about the Tastr Trademark Protection Policy, please email: support@vinotastr.com.