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At VinoTastr™, we partner with businesses like yours to help you sell more wine! Let’s use science to connect you to your customers and match your customers to the wine they’ll love so much, they’ll keep coming back.

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The World’s First Wine Taste Technology Company™

From winemakers and distributors to subscription clubs and retailers, everyone wants to sell more wine.

VinoTastr is the world’s first wine taste technology company that allows you to attract new customers and develop a deeper connection with your existing wine lovers.


How science sells wine

Our entertaining, informative, and science-backed VinoTastr Discovery Kit reveals your customers’ wine preferences, leading to greater engagement and increased sales.

VinoTastr reveals individual wine taste sensitivities with a fast, intuitively easy, and engaging test. The results determine one of five taste profiles and correlate to wines that match one’s preferences.


The Benefits of VinoTastr


Personalize Experience

By offering your customers the VinoTastr Discovery Kit, you help them understand their unique taste in wine. This personalized experience not only validates their preferences but inspires loyalty – because when they think of wine, they’ll think of you.


Increase Engagement

The VinoTastr Discovery Kit was designed to be interactive, which is the key to capturing your customers’ attention. You can engage with your customers on a deeper level by helping them discover their flavor profile, putting the world of wine within reach.


Encourage Exploration

When your customers put a profile to their wine preferences, they’ll gain the confidence to explore wine out of their comfort zone, opening doors of discovery to new styles and varietals that you offer.

We believe we have the science to
change the way people select wine


Who We Are

We care about your relationship with customers – and your customers’ relationship to wine. With 10+ years of taste science research, VinoTastr can be your trusted resource and partner, building your brand through taste discovery.

How It Works


The Science Behind Your Sip

Our team narrowed down the taste receptors responsible for wine preferences. When your customers understand their unique taste perceptions, they can shop your wine selection with confidence.

Our Science

Let’s be partners in wine!

Let’s use science to build a connection between you, your customers, and the wines they’ll love.